About The Granny Apprentice

1554555_10206489650261270_2640709779977493849_n.jpgHi, I’m Jannah. I’m the one-woman-army behind The Granny Apprentice. The Granny Apprentice started when a friend called me such after I told him I’m going to be training for dressmaking (I haven’t started yet). I cook, I bake, I brew Kombucha, I make bacon, I made cheese twice and apple cider vinegar once, I do yoga and wear eyeglasses. I sometimes knit when I see friends knitting some cute bags. I have yet to add gardening to my “How to be a Granny” list, but I have lost all motivation after all the flowers I tried to plant died ( or never lived at all ? ). Perhaps I will do that for when I’m really old, retired and have more time to take care of another living organism aside from kombucha. I know stereotyping is not good, but I love doing it and that’s why I don’t get offended when someone calls me “granny” because of my hobbies. I don’t really know how to end this, so I’m just ending this with my favorite smiley :*